80% of French Internet users are on a social network

The French are increasingly fond of social networks, according to a study published Monday. Some 32 million French are on a social network is 2 million more than a year ago. Facebook remains the most popular, but other networks are a place. The study also notes that the French will follow more and more brands.

Social networks are attracting more and more French. According to a study published Monday Médiamétrie, 32 million French are on a social network, 80% of Internet users is 2 million more than a year ago. Last year they were already 1.6 million more than in 2011.

French Internet users are registered on average two social networks, almost two-thirds visit every day or almost. And age differences fade more than 30% of the audience of social networks is the Internet more than 55 years.

Facebook is the preferred social network of French Internet users, more than two out of three are enrolled. But Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are becoming more and more important.

The first two each gather a user in five one eight and LinkedIn, and Instagram has 5% of registered users. The youngest them are migrating to Tumblr.