connection problem


I have a big problem I have gotten a wifi and the instructions they tell me to go on this web site and as I have a linksys WRT54G router I should not put a user but the password admin name but my problem is that I'm writing the password I can not login to this page there is a red page that appears and it is brand
"401 Unauthorized

Authorization required. "I'd really like to be told what to do thank you in advance.

Answer: is not a site but the router itself must be configured and principle as admin user and admin pwd as default.

It must be next to the WAN port of your router if it's a Linksys labeled Reset Button. Using trmbone pressing this button while your router is turned on at least five seconds normally.The reset must be effective.

Enable DHCP on your computer and connect you behind your router to the LAN port with a straight cable.

Once connected, launch Internet Explorer by typing in the address bar: and validate.

Normally a dialog have to be displayed.

Saisisser admin as username and admin as Password.