Default IP For Linksys is a generic IP for routers such as linksys. Devoted to the router settings. Settings of the router will be different in general. is a private IP address because it can only be identified inside the network it is currently working in and not outside of it.

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The IP address can be used to improve the security of your home network because it gives you access to your router settings via a web-based utility.

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Unable to go to or


 I have a problem, I ssay to open a port with my router D-Link DI-524 then in the address bar I type (I have firefox) it puts me Timeout.

The server at is taking too long to respond.

The browser has waited too long when connecting to the site and stopped to wait for a response.

* The server may be overloaded or is temporarily down? Please try again later.

* Other sites are also inaccessible? Check the network connection on your computer.


Your network card is it comfortable??

Can you disassemble and reassemble??

Control in the "Device Management"

Click "right" My Computer, "Manage" for the "Computer Management" then "Device Management", if you do not have a yellow round. not working


I'm scouring this forum and others, it is impossible to find a solution when the problem seems to scour.

I would like to access the configuration of my Cisco router. I arrived a few days ago with the address but today it no longer works (the page loads without stopping and stop by itself).


To restart, you disconnect, and you reconnect or if you have a model with power button, serve yourself in ^ ^

To reset to factory settings, or you read the instructions, or most often, will have one 'mode' button you pressed it remains a good thirty seconds, it will restart in factory mode, if you wants to save the factory mode, you write the current config in flash memory with a "write memory". connection problem


I have a big problem I have gotten a wifi and the instructions they tell me to go on this web site and as I have a linksys WRT54G router I should not put a user but the password admin name but my problem is that I'm writing the password I can not login to this page there is a red page that appears and it is brand
"401 Unauthorized

Authorization required. "I'd really like to be told what to do thank you in advance.

Answer: is not a site but the router itself must be configured and principle as admin user and admin pwd as default.

It must be next to the WAN port of your router if it's a Linksys labeled Reset Button. Using trmbone pressing this button while your router is turned on at least five seconds normally.The reset must be effective.

Enable DHCP on your computer and connect you behind your router to the LAN port with a straight cable.

Once connected, launch Internet Explorer by typing in the address bar: and validate.

Normally a dialog have to be displayed.

Saisisser admin as username and admin as Password.

Manage the WiFi connection with the web interface:

Go to the web interface of your box

Start your Internet browser and type the address of the web interface of the box from home:

Click on the "WiFi" tab

The "state" status must be "On".

The "SSID" is the name of your home network box.
This information is on the back of your box.

The "Encryption" is the security level.

Configuration tab

Now click the "Settings" tab.

Enabling WiFi access point: your box is already equipped with a built-in WiFi. Make sure it is "activated".

SSID: is the default name for your home network box. You can change the name of your network if you wish.

Broadcast SSID: By default, broadcasting is enabled. This allows users to see all WiFi networks that are near your computer.

Channel: by default, the channel is set to "Auto". It is advisable to leave the box automatically manage channels. In case of steady loss of WiFi signal, you can test one by one the 13 channels.

Mode: WiFi has several standards: B standard and the standard G. By default, the box automatically manages two standards based on the wireless device.

Security tab

In the "Encryption", you can set the security of the wireless WiFi connection. It is strongly recommended to encrypt your wireless connection. In addition, the encryption mode should be selected according to your WiFi equipment.

Next WiFi mode used, you can not use some encryption systems:

The 11n mode only with WPA2 Personal (PSK)

The 11b/g/n mode works with WPA-Personal (PSK) and / or WPA2 Personal (PSK)

The Mode 11b / g works with all ciphers.

For safety reasons, it is advisable to focus on WPA2.
For compatibility reasons, it is advisable to use a key-type with TKIP WPA.

In the "WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)", you can activate the WPS service.
This service allows you to simply connect a Wi-Fi enabled device to your wireless network. This mode is only used with an encryption system disabled, WPA or WPA2.

It is recommended to choose the pairing method "WPS Button", this method is enabled by default.

Mac filtering tab

The "MAC filtering" can enhance the security of your network. By default, this feature is disabled.

Enabling the "MAC filtering" allows connection to your wireless network only to WiFi devices (USB, PCMCIA) whose MAC addresses are declared.

Social networks, new chance for brands?

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80% of French Internet users are on a social network

The French are increasingly fond of social networks, according to a study published Monday. Some 32 million French are on a social network is 2 million more than a year ago. Facebook remains the most popular, but other networks are a place. The study also notes that the French will follow more and more brands.

Social networks are attracting more and more French. According to a study published Monday Médiamétrie, 32 million French are on a social network, 80% of Internet users is 2 million more than a year ago. Last year they were already 1.6 million more than in 2011.

French Internet users are registered on average two social networks, almost two-thirds visit every day or almost. And age differences fade more than 30% of the audience of social networks is the Internet more than 55 years.

Facebook is the preferred social network of French Internet users, more than two out of three are enrolled. But Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are becoming more and more important.

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